Our first 24hr NSR Classic Race

Our first race on the new Ninco track, with 6 teams made up of 4-5 drivers head for the track.

The race saw some great battles all day, which at times was more reminiscent of a sprint race than a 24 hour. There were the usual assortment of technical problems on the cars that needed repairing on top of the expected tyre stops, but on the whole the cars held up extremely well. The supplied glued/trued tyres proved very durable, with most teams finding eight hours from a set was quite possible.

This is a race that we intend to hold annually and with any luck we will hold the event around the same time in 2014, so until then I'd like to thank again all the drivers from Demon slot, Eastcote exiles, GT raceway, Molesey, Pendle and Truspeed for making the race such a success.


Big thank you to all the competitors that took part in Molesey's 24hr, I really enjoyed the event from start to finish. Some very quick drivers out there and the place was buzzing with conversation all through the 24hrs.



1st Molesey 6064 laps

2nd Truspeed 5882 laps

3rd G.T.R. 5868 laps

4th Eastcote 5843 laps

5th Demon 5642 laps

6th Pendle 5382 laps