Slotfire Track

Eventually after numerous delays, the club was finally moved into it’s current brand new premises approximately 20ft away from the location of the old clubhouse that had been flattened a couple of years previously.

Home sweet home.

The club has continued to evolve since then with new members joining and old members drifting away. Brian George, the founder member, finally called it a day in 2009 after over 30 years of tirelessly fighting for the club.

After a month, we decided to paint the track as the original surface didn't give up much grip, Below - Julian, James and Josh started to line the track after it had been painted. More Club members put a lot of time lining the track over next few days.  

Lane colour lining complete, testing continued.

From time to time we hold inter club meetings, sometimes we vary the classes, this time retro Ninco saloon cars were used. Great to see these cars back on the track.

The latest big change to the club has been the change from the Slotfire track to a new 170ft six lane Ninco track which was completed in 2012.

Below - The packing up of the Slotfire begins in readiness for the delivery of the Ninco 6 lane track.